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Feeling a Little Square

So, I’ve finished one little thing and one kinda big thing since we last talked. The little thing is that WordPop will remember the last name you used for a high score and present it again the next time you make the big board. Just a nice touch, nothing too difficult.

And, actually, the big thing wasn’t too hard, either. That’s because most of the work was in creating new artwork and Jim did a great job doing that! So, here are some screenshots of the new resolution we’ve added to WordPop, suitable for your Treo 700 and other 240 x 240 devices.

Word Pop Square Start

Word Pop Square Game

Word Pop Square Best Words

Word Pop Square High Scores

You’ll notice that the buttons have been rearranged on game board and that the dialogs needed to squeeze the font down to fit. Let us know what you think of the look at this resolution.

All that’s left now is some final polishing and bug fixing. Then, I’m on to the most mundane part of software development: installers. Bleh.

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