Vaporize Asteroids!

Your mission is to blow up asteroids and keep space clean of waste.  Keep Space Waste management happy by recycling the good stuff, vaporizing the rest, and not losing your space-truck. Watch out for the aliens! They don’t want you around. 50+ levels for hours and hours of fun.


  • Over 50 missions! And more coming. Each mission is gradually harder until it gets insane (What were we thinking?)
  • Meet aliens then blow them up (Don’t feel bad, its either them or you.)
  • A compelling sound track to drive to (It’s pretty quiet in space without music.)
  • Tap to shoot or switch to the thumb controls (Some of us use tap to shoot so our other hand can be holding coffee.).
  • Vote for new features (make it your game.)
  • Beautiful art optimized for your iPad
  • Professional high quality sound effects

Where to Get It (iPad only)

App Store