With only three dice remaining in Farkle, a curious decision arises: roll again for potentially more points or hold (score-it) to avoid a Farkle.

While the odds of rolling a Farkle are high-ish, around 28% (or a little less than 1 in 3.6), it’s important to consider the bigger picture.

Strategy First, Odds Second!

Evaluate your current standing:

  • Are you behind by a large margin? If so, aggressively pursue points by rolling again.
  • Do you have a comfortable lead? Consider playing it safe and keeping your accumulated points.
  • How close are you to 10,000 and how close is your opponents score?

The Art of Risk Assessment

What is your personal risk tolerance? Here are some general guidelines:

Roll again if:

  • You have a low turn score (for me it’s 300 or fewer points)
  • You have a huge lead and Farkling would not jeopardize your position
  • You’re feeling lucky and want to gamble for a higher score

Hold if:

  • Your turn score is already high (over 500 points for example)
  • You’ve already have two Farkles and don’t want to risk a third and its penalty
  • You are nearing 10,000 points but you want one more turn to increase your lead

The “Maybe” Zone:

  • Your opponent is playing aggressively and you need to keep the lead
  • You are way behind and you need to take a chance to catch up

Listen to Your Gut (Sometimes)

While the odds provide valuable information, there’s also a place for intuition.  You’re thinking, it’s not a 28% chance of Farkling but a 72% chance of scoring and you’re feeling lucky ????. Conversely, a string of bad rolls might prompt you to play it safe and let your opponent make a mistake.

By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions about rolling the dice with only three remaining, maximizing your chances of winning.

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