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Welcome back to Smart Box Games’ Newsletter

Dear Valued Players,

It’s been a journey filled with excitement, and we’re thrilled to welcome you back to the world of Smart Box Games’ newsletter! We’re ready to reignite the fun and adventure in your gaming experience.

As a loyal member of our gaming community, your enthusiasm for Farkle Dice, Farkle Solo, WordPop! and our other captivating titles has always been the heartbeat of our success.

Now, with our newsletter making a return, we’re eager to share exclusive insights, tips, and tricks to challenge your gaming mind and share information about new releases, requested features, and strategies to master our games.

Let’s roll the dice, make new words, and celebrate the joy of gaming like never before!

Thanks a million for being part of our gaming journey!

Todd A. Sherman

PM, QAE, Casual Gamer

Smart Box Games