Part 1 covered ebooks, launchers, and clubs. Today I’ll cover gadget news sites, games, and memory cards. Each one of these ideas are geared to giving you a new perspective and enthusiasm for that great PDA you use to organize your life.

4. Visit Gadget News Sites – If you own a Palm and you have not visited Palm Addicts or Treonauts, then you are missing out daily on great advice. For Windows Mobile try iPAQHQ, WindowsMobile24/7, and PDArcade. For all types of gadgets try engadget or Geek, they both cover a broad spectrum of gadgets that influence our lives with a great sense of humor.

5. Play Games – “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”. There are thousands of games appealing to all types. My games at Smart Box Design are strategy and puzzle based, with an emphasis on easy and quick to learn. Astraware, PalmGear, PocketGear, or Sniderware all have a variety of fun games. And since most games have a trial period, you have little to lose but the time to try them.

6. Buy a Memory Card – A 256 MB SD card at Amazon is around $20.00. Imagine how much you can add to your device. Dictionaries, games, references materials, spreadsheets, pictures of your children, music. Skip going to the movies one week and buy a memory card! Once you have it you will wonder why you didn’t get one earlier.

There’s a lot to try in this list, and any one of these items will enhance your experience and justify the costs of your Palm, Treo, or Windows Mobile Device. Try each one and see where it takes you. If you have additional ideas, post your ideas or send me an email. I look forward hearing from you.

I love starting a new year because everything feels possible again and it seems that everyone has an open mind (at least until they return to the office). Make a decision to try someting new in 2006 with your PDA. Here’s a list of three great ideas to start you off with three more coming tomorrow.

1. eBooks – If you have not tried eBooks, then make this your top priority. It is both fun and engaging to fill your device with books on a variety of subjects. It feels like you have your own personal library available at any time. While waiting in line or taking the bus you could be learning Russian, How to Start a Business, Investing, Hang Gliding, etc. Screen resolution has become so clear that I find it very comfortable to read a book on my Palm for extended times. To get started, try eReader which has a huge collection and includes a free reader or your local library (Seattle has thousands of books ready to be downloaded.)

2. Launcher – Both Palm and Windows Mobile come with a decent launcher and navigation system, but there is room for improvement. There are several great 3rd party launchers to try and one of them will be geared towards how you think and organize data. Do a search on Launcher at PalmGear or PocketGear and give them a try. For my Palm I’m going to give ZLauncher another look and WinLauncher. For my Windows Mobile phone I’m going to try PocketPlus and AgendaFusion. If you try one that you think is fantastic, let me know.

3. Join a Gadget Club – I belong to both SEAPUG and PSHUG. They both meet monthly and I always walk away learning something. Plus the attendees are bright and enthusiatic and want to help. You can find a local Palm Group here and a Windows Group here. If you don’t see one near you, then start one. It’s 2006, anything is possible!

There’s a lot of information above and any one can significantly enhance how you use your PDA. Look for Part 2 where I discuss, News Sites, Games, and SD Cards. Send me an email or post a comment if you have an idea to add to this post.