Batter Up!

We’ve taken 9 Men’s Morris, credited as the worlds oldest strategy game, over 2,000 years, added a cool baseball theme and named it Triples! Why Triples? Because the goal is to move your players to form a set of three. There is a reason why it has such staying power, its fun, challenging and entertaining.


  • Graduated difficulty levels to keep you challenged
  • Play against the computer or your friends
  • Stunning Hi-Resolution color graphics
  • Engaging sound effects
  • Quick and easy to learn with in-game playing tips
  • Includes official rules
  • Additional strategies to improve your game
  • Tracks your win-loss record per level
  • Try different scenarios with undo last move
  • Customizable settings: jumping, capturing, more
  • Perfect for that five-minute break or long commute

Where to Get It

App Store

Testers Needed

Your opinion counts. By becoming a tester you play the game on your iPhone or iPad and let us know what you think, such as what’s fun and what isn’t. It is easy and engaging and most of all you become part of the design process.  Go to Sign-Up