Triples Treo GameThe team had a lot of fun creating this Palm version of Triples. With this being an election year in the US we thought it would be appropriate to create a tongue and cheek political game. Jim created some new art and Carl added it to our current version. The game board is enhanced with stars and stripes pieces and includes the political option to play either as a Democratic or Republican. See who wins more often! You can find more information here

This special edition of Triples features all the capture and fun of the original version, but with patriotic extra features. The game board is enhanced with stars and stripes pieces and includes the political option to play either as a Democratic or Republican. See who wins more often!

– Palm OS 5, Hi-Res Color Only (Such as Treo, TX, E2, Zire 72)
– Free Upgrade for Registered Triples Owners
– 30% off for Newsletter Subscribers
– Use coupon TRIPLES4JULY
– Five Difficulty Levels to Keep You Challenged and Entertained
– Play Either as a Democrat or Republican

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Smart Box Design is the proud sponsor of PATV91. Here is the latest from Sammy and his team. 

PATV91 – We want your thoughts on ebooks, Starsky & Hutch, Club Astraware, Astraware game development, CallPod, Neil on Palm Hardware, Thieves and Kings for Palm OS, Palmdoc Chronicles, Palm Discovery, Word Monaco Solitaire

In our 19 minute edition of PATV-91 we cover:

– We want to hear your thoughts on ebooks on Palm devices? Do you favour it? Or do you prefer to read books the old fashioned way? Please send your thoughts and we will read your thoughts on PATV –

– Reader, Mark Connelly thinks Jonathan Winter and I are like the Starsky & Hutch of PalmAddict

– We discuss Club Astraware and some of the benefits

– I like the look of CallPod but have some concerns about their pricing

– Reader Neil Tomlinson talks about Palm hardware and I have my say on some of the great devices from past and present. Read his thoughts in full.

– The Astraware Team Blog talks about Astraware Solitaire development

Thieves & Kings Solitaire for Palm OS

– Why Astraware does well at creating great games

– We take a look at sites we like today including Palm Discovery & PalmdocChronicles

– Smart Box Design’s game Word Monaco Solitaire is reduced at the moment, details here

– And a reminder about our weekend giveaway to win a Samsung Q1 UMPC, again the details can be found here.

How about trying a hot game to spice up your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Save 20% on the purchase of Word Watch for Palm OS, our timed text game. Hurry, because the sale ends May 10th.
– Three games, each with their own appe
– Stay challenged with 18 difficulty levels
– Special interface that helps you solve the word

To the left is a screen shot of Word Watch, our unscramble timed word game. Create the longest word you can using as many green and red tiles. However, the word must contain at least one red tile. The longest word with the most red tiles wins.

– The player who submits the longest word wins a Smart Box Design Game
– If a tie then the first one to submit wins
– Two random winners will also be picked
– Contest ends May 11, 2007
– Winners will be announced in the next newsletter and / or e-mail
– Make sure to register at the forum so we have your e-mail on record
– I can’t wait to see your words

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