Not as much progress this week as I would have liked, but I did finish a class to handle the letter tiles. This led me to thinking through just how I would handle the game state at runtime and the data structures involved. It seems like a little thing, but later on, it will have a much larger effect. The wrong data structures can cripple me for weeks. The right one makes things go quite smoothly. So, some serious closed-eye thinking was employed in something the user will never see.

I do hope the benefit pays off in performance and stability, however. Now, without further ado: letter tiles!

Game Board with Letters

By the way, don’t be frightened by the letter distribution. I haven’t started using our carefully balanced letter maps, yet. It would have to be some very evil difficulty to give you two Xs, two Zs, and four Qs.

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  1. Wyatt Webb
    Wyatt Webb says:

    My personal best is whizzing, but I’ve also used fuzzy, snazzy, and guzzle. I think the four Qs are especially unpleasant in this screen shot, though.

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