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  1. David H. Bailey
    David H. Bailey says:

    Does all this publicity about WordPop for the iphone and ipod touch mean that the version for other handhelds such as the HP iPaq aren’t going to be upgraded?

  2. Todd Sherman
    Todd Sherman says:

    Hi David,

    Have you tried WordPop! 2.0 from my website. That was a major update to WordPop! adding a huge list of features and added 5.0, 6.0 and 6.5.0 compatibility, but alas, still no WVGA support.

    Version 2.0

    * Now supports Palm Treos and Following Resolutions
    o 240 x 240
    o 320 X 320
    o 240 x 320
    o 320 x 240
    o VGA compatible
    * Added Undo Last Move
    * Players can now clear the best words screen
    * Players can now clear the high scores screen
    * Increased the size of the dictionary
    * The letter I is now accepted as a word
    * The Bonus Tiles can now be dragged and dropped
    * Added “Use System Sound” to Preferences
    * Added Windows Mobile Treo Support
    * Added New Player Training Tips
    * Added the ability to turn on or off Training Tips
    * Added the ability to “Reset” Training Tips
    * Best Words screen now shows a lower case letter where a blank bonus tile was used
    * Updated all dialogs to new Windows Mobile standards
    * Updated menu to Windows Mobile standard layout
    * Entire game code was rewritten to be faster and more efficient

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