My Wife Thinks the iPad is Perfect For Her

My wife does not embrace technology. Her loving husband, me, does. I create web sites, I listen to music on my iPod, I create games for the iPhone. While she will use the internet and reluctantly email, she still uses CDs. She is educated, with a Ph.D. and very creative.

I showed her the iPad video and I honestly think I saw little iPad hearts floating around her like you see in cartoons. I have been trying to get her to try a laptop or an iPod Touch to enhance her life and all met with rejection, until now.  But why the change? After a bit of Q&A (I played both good and bad cop) the following reasons appeared:

– Weight matters, a lot! With the weight only 1.5 pounds this was finally a number she felt she could carry around with her. Weight was a bigger concern than size.

– Size is important! When I described the thickness, width, and height she was even more sold as the compact size seemed to hit the sweet spot for slipping it into a purse. She felt that this would easily fit in her lap or she could rest it on a small picture or plate stand. I was imagining her at a cafe, reaching into her purse and pulling out a little artist easel and then the iPad.

– Endurance is a must. 10 hours of battery life really mattered to her. Why? It goes back to the weight. She does not want to lug a charger with her. This is like my iPod. I never bring a charger for it but I always do for my laptop.

– It’s attractive.  Both is its looks and the display. If you are going to be carrying a computer around it should look good and she liked how it looked and how the internet looked. Plus, with the resolution 1024 by 768 this was going to be perfect for her #1 activity, using the internet to research.

All in all, she concluded the iPad is a very sexy device (um, is it getting warm in here or is it just me) and since my wife agrees I bet there will be millions of others who do too.

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