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Development: Engineering WordPop

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Wyatt Webb and I am responsible for the engineering on the Windows Mobile versions of WordPop, Farkle, and Word Monaco. Todd mentioned that an update to WordPop is under way and I thought I should chime in a bit.

WordPop was our first Windows Mobile game and, as such, it is a little rough around the edges internally. I had a much better idea on how to tackle these types of games when we did Farkle and Word Monaco. So, not only will this next version of WordPop include new features and more fun, but it will be significantly remodeled on the inside, too.

That probably doesn’t mean much to the average user, but it will mean that future upgrades and maintenance will be quicker and easier.

I’m just getting started and I don’t even know all of the new features, yet. I’m looking forward to building them as much as I hope you all are to playing them. I hope to check in periodically to update you on my progress and the twists and turns of casual game development.

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  1. mbaker5408
    mbaker5408 says:

    As much as you hope we will enjoy your new enhancements and the new play for the game. I hope you have fun and enjoy adding them all for us. In my opinion a good game comes from a developer that enjoys what he’s doing and has fun while doing it.

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