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Strategies: Farkle Dice – Learn from your Opponents

Remember that when you’re playing against a computer, you are actually playing a program. While they do get lucky sometimes, they do not cheat. For this reason, you can learn from them. The reason that certain opponents do well is not because they really get that lucky, but because they know when to take risks and when to play conservatively.

If you’re way ahead, it pays to consistently receive points and maintain your lead, so you don’t want to roll if you’ve only got a dice or two left. However, if you’re behind, or somebody is nearly 10,000 points, what have you to lose? Roll again! It’s mastering these situational choices that will help you peel the “lucky” label off of yourself and reveal the veteran underneath!

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  1. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    This is a great game. I have to play at least once before going to bed. Getting ahead is not so hard. If you have gotten a good amount of points and you have only 3 or less dice left you might not want to risk it. I wouldn’t risk it at all with 2 or 1. The best is when you point all six die. Then take another roll it is well worth it.

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