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My Utopian Palm World is Just Around the Corner

This isn’t about how I use my Palm but how I wish I could use my Palm. I wish everyone had a Palm. If they did then whenever I met someone we could quickly and easily exchange business cards. Then if we were setting up a meeting, I could then easily send them the date, time and location. And if HoliDates was installed on every Palm, then we would easily know what days not to meet or to have items due.

If every store I visited in Bellingham or Fairhaven had a Palm I could quickly add them to my contact list and if they included their hours to the notes section then I would never arrive at the store when it was closed. If my favorite Pizza joint and Thai food restaurant had a Palm I could also get their menu so ordering food for delivery would be easy. Plus I could mark what I love at the restaurant so I could order it again and again.

If all my relatives had a Palm I would do a much better job at remembering their birthday’s assuming it was in their contact info.

I’ve only touched upon a small part of what a Palm can do, contacts and schedules, but it is so powerful. I do the above things every day but not as widespread as I wish but with more Treo’s selling daily, my Utopian Palm world is just around the corner.

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  1. maceyr
    maceyr says:

    Good idea! Sometimes I too hoped that more people would use Palms because we could easily beam business cards instead of receiving them and manually entering them in.

    As for businesses, it would be quite interesting if they had something where they can “beam” their store hours, specials and whatever announcements to your Palm as well. Heck, while we’re dreaming and hoping, how about special clips or samples of new CD releases or DVDs to entice a potential consumer? Or beam us some special coupons we can beam back at the cash register to get discounts without dealing with physical coupons.

    Actually in Japan, a lot of it is reality, using phones to pay for the JR trains. It was so cool to see that when I was there. Or even in Hong Kong when you can use a special Octopus card (transit value card) to buy stuff at 7 eleven in addition to using it at subways, buses, etc.

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