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My Digital Generation – A fun read

Shaun McGill a well known writer in the mobile world has written a wonderful book name My Digital Generation about his generation and technology. You will no doubt find and learn something of yourself when you read it.

The first three legit comments (as determined by me) about this book or Shaun McGill will receive a free copy of Smart Box Design’s game Triples for Palm OS.

Here is an excerpt from the book: “When I was very young we used to have an outside toilet and I remember being scared that a big spider or rat would come and visit while I was taking care of business yet at no time did I think it odd that the toilet was in the garden. My brother and I used to have our baths in the kitchen sink and again it all seemed perfectly normal. We used to play in the street because there were hardly any cars and when the man who lived a few doors down picked up the local children to let them sit in the back of his open bed truck while he drove down the hill no one shouted “paedophile!” at him…” “…I remember snow very vividly and being able to build a Dad sized snowman and then roll his head down the hill just before the global warming melted him- in those days global warming was called the Sun…”

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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    Wow, I am amazed that someone at the age of 36 has memories of having an outside toilet. I am a few years older and have never seen (besides a porta potty) an actual working outhouse.

  2. Todd Sherman
    Todd Sherman says:

    Hi Frank – How true. Send me your email and your HotSync ID and I’ll send you a copy of Triples.

  3. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    I think Shaun is in one of those neat generations. It’s a generation that has experienced the transition between the world of yesterday and the world of technology today.

    So in a way, he can really appreciate the differences a lot more than I can (or other youth for that matter).

    I myself, am only in university, so am still relatively young. For me, I pretty much grew up with computers and technology. I was quite young when I played my first video games. And I can’t solidly remember a time when I did not have access to a computer (albeit, it was an old computer).

    Now though, I look at kids who are younger than me. Say, in elementary school as an example. For them, the times have changed again. They are growing up in a world where laptop computers, PDAs and cellphones are the norm.

    It was amazing to me when my dad first got a cellphone from his office. (And was it big!)

    For Shaun, I’m sure he’s experienced a lot more of these moments than I have!

    For those who are being born into the world today.. I can’t imagine what changes they will see when I’ve passed on. (I can’t even imagine what changes I will see when today’s toddlers reach my age).

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