999 Rounds in WordPop! Unreal!

This image was sent to me as proof of a very high score. This is the highest score I have seen but unfortunately do to an error it did not get posted to the High Score page on our server.


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  1. Tinker
    Tinker says:

    I’m approaching the 999th round of a game and am wondering what happens after that. Don’t want to lose out on having my high score posted if the game goes…kerbuttflooey (?) in the thousandth round.

  2. Todd Sherman
    Todd Sherman says:

    Wyatt double checked. It should roll over. If you ever end the game and it gets submitted to the high score page on the server it will display the final number correctly.

  3. Lulu of Soquel
    Lulu of Soquel says:

    why did somebody get 44444 on the hard level and said “I cheated” and all in one round. this really bugs me!!! I work real hard to earn my points and get the rounds I do. can somebody PLEASE tell me how this person cheated and is that even possible!

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