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WordPop! 2.3.1 for Android Released


WordPop! for Android has been updated and includes great new features and smoother game play. Thank you to our players for the suggestions and bug reports. Our goal is for you to have the best gaming experience and we couldn’t do it without you.

  • How to Play – It now includes several images to clarify the rules and you can now print out the rules. The latest version of WordPop! now links to the improved How to Play.
  • Notifications – We want to make sure you know when new versions are available. This is an optional setting that you can turn on or off at any time.

Making sure you have a great gaming experience also means having WordPop! play well on the latest phones and tablets while simultaneously supporting older phones.

  • Error Checking – Google’s Firebase now sends us a report on how our code is doing. This report will tell us where our code is not running as efficiently as it could or if WordPop! had problems executing on a new CPU. Since there are thousands of different Android phones and tablets worldwide we appreciate the report. Now when you purchase a new phone WordPop! will still run correctly.
  • Android Studio – This is an entirely new set of tools released by Google to develop Android apps. Switching to it was a significant amount of rework of the code. But the change resulted in WordPop! running faster and smoother.

We recommend you update as soon as possible.

We rely on word-of-mouth, please let your friends and family know about WordPop!