The Day Before my iPad Arrives

My thoughts about how I think I will be using my iPad. I plan to review this post in a month to see how reality compares to the dream.

What I am really looking forward to is email, which is silly for such an expensive device.

I typically wake up pretty early in the morning and check my email on my iPod Touch. If there are emergencies, I get up, if not I try to sneak in another 30 minutes.

In some cases I bring my laptop to bed and do email on it. But then in the morning I need to set it back up in my home office, not a big deal but it gets tiring. The irony of all of this is the recognition that although a laptop is portable the iPad is even more so because of the weight and form factor.

I often tweak my web pages late at night in bed too, fixing a page here and there (nothing serious as I need my large screen for real work) but if I could do simple change to text or styling with the iPad that would be great. I will have to wait and see if there any FTP apps for the iPad.

Watching Netflix will be big for me. My wife and I watch a lot of movies together but we have very different tastes in TV shows. I am more apt to watch Dr. Who or Lost. So I watch a lot of those shows on my laptop. Having the iPad for that will be great.

I often go to Seattle for the day and I just need something light. Email, light word processing, maybe look up a store or get directions in Google Maps. The iPad will be great for that. There are tons of free Wi-Fi spots in Seattle or I can use my friend’s Wi-Fi at their house.

Lastly, playing games and reading books will be great.

I can see using my iPad as my third screen and have HTML5 or CSS reference material up when I am working on my web site.

In addition to creating my own iPad games I contract as a Project Manager / Designer and I am currently working on a few iPad apps for a client. Having a real device to test on will be a pleasure.

OK, let’s see how I wind up using the iPad over the next month.