Ooh! Another High Score Posting

Following up on the post before this one.  Another friend of mine posted his high score. I met Murray through email as we both love word games. http://palmmac.typepad.com/palmmac/2009/04/wordpop-schoolboy-error.html

WordPop – schoolboy error

IMG_0005 Doh.

Spent two days building up this terrific WordPop score, as you can see from the photo, hit 71 rounds and 18 000 plus which would have been enough to get me in the Top 10 all time ranking and then when I finally had to call, it quits I wondered why my score wasn’t uploaded.

Transpires I had the iPhone in Airplane mode…..ooops.

All that effort for nowt.

Double Doh.

“Sick as a pig Barry”