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Fun Contest at PalmAddicts

Sammy, the brilliant man behind Palm Addicts, asked me if I would like to have a fun contest on his site. I jumped at the chance. Palm Addicts is one of my favorites sites covering every day use of smartphones. I also follow Sammy on Twitter as his twits are often humorous, informative, and a great entertainment.  And without further ado, the contest.

 Todd Sherman form SmartboxDesign would like to offer PalmAddict readers a chance to win a title of their choice from his suite of great games. Whatever platform you use whether it’s Palm OS or an iPhone you have the opportunity to win a SmartboxDesign game. All you have to do is as per usual send me a userthought or mobile thought and let me know what game and platform you would like from the Smartboxdesign website. Email your thoughts please, with SMARTBOX in the subject line, remembering to tell me your game choice and platform – sammymcloughlin@gmail.com