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Changes to WordPop! for Pocket PC

WordPop! for Pocket PC was released over a year ago and over that time we have received some great suggestions for the game. Below is a list of changes we plan to make. If you have some additional ideas please feel free to post them at our forum or add a comment to this blog. Here is what we are working on for a new release early next year.

  • Add ability to clear High Scores / Best Words
  • Add Quit to Game Menu, which removes the game from memory (Windows Mobile leaves all application in memory unless it is explicitly removed)
  • Add additional sound and music preferences
  • Add Playing Tips
  • Update the word list incorporating the many suggested words I’ve collected from players
  • Add 240 x 240 Art so it can be played on the Treo 700W and other square screen devices
  • Fix saved registration bug. When some PDAs crash the registration is lost and the player has to to reenter the reg key.
  • Code optimization for newer devices

I look forward to hearing from you.