Threeze Game Play

Threeze is our popular ice blocks number pairing puzzle game.

It was due for a tune-up:
– Lots of code tweaks to keep the app working great on new and older phones
– Brand new “How to Play” section
– Brand new “Vote for New Features” section
– Faster and smoother play throughout
Our goal is for our players to have a great gaming experience.
Let us know what you think of the latest build and any suggestions on how we can improve it.  You can use the form on our support page.



Triples, also known as, Nine Men’s Morris, was the very first mobile game my team and I released. We were fortunate in that it was featured on Palm Gear and became a run-a-way hit in Germany. Several years later, when we turned our efforts to creating high quality Android and iOS games, Triples was left behind. Jim Patterson, our fantastic Art Director, surprised the team this week with a new re-imagined version of Triple. WOW!!!

This mockup makes me want to bring this game back ASAP.

What do you think?

Remove ads in WordPop!

You Can Now Remove ads in WordPop!

What’s New in Version 3.1

– Make words 17 – 20 letters long, yes 20 letter words. Here they are:


– Deselect highlighted letters by tapping outside the grid
– Remove ads with an in-app purchase
– Incremental improvements and fixes to the code making sure WordPop! is the world’s best word game ever.

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More Info

Version 2.2.0

  • Added support for new phones and tablets
  • Tested and verified on Android OS 7 N
  • Fixed bug when logging in with Google Play
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes

Lots of sweat and love added to bring you the best experience ever.

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Save the planet and exercise your brain.
Space Waste
is our newest arcade action game for iPad where you vaporize asteroids and collect space debris.
Threeze is our new brain challenge game designed for Android phones and tablets.

Space Waste for iPad / iPad Mini – Free

Space Waste Game Play iPad 450

Click here to get Space Waste for your iPad

• Perfect for that five-minute break or long commute
Over 50 missions! And more coming.
Each mission is gradually harder until it gets insane (What were we thinking?)
Meet aliens then blow them up (Don’t feel bad, its either you or them.)
A compelling sound track to drive to (It’s pretty quiet in space without music.)
Thumb-pad or tap-to-shoot selection
Vote for new features (make it your game.)
Beautiful art optimized for your retina iPad
Professional high quality sound effects

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Threeze for Android Phones & Tablets – Free


Click here to get Threeze for your Android Phone or Tablet

• Quick game-play for between meetings or waiting for a ride
• Combine number pairs in this brain puzzle game
• Use strategy skills to earn high scores
• Compare your best scores against your friends
• Fantastic graphics optimized for both phones and tablets
• Leaderboards and Achievements
• Google Play support


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Todd Sherman and the Smart Box Design Team

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