Bellingham, Washington – Smart Box Design today is pleased to announce Farkle Solo HD Free 1.1.1 for iOS, a fun, fast-paced, customizable version of a popular dice game played with six dice. The goal of this Old West themed, exciting, quick tempo dice game is to score the most points in ten rounds to be the star of the saloon. Using classic Farkle Dice rules, players try to beat their best score or outscore friends. Farkle Solo HD – Free is available in the app store under the Games: Dice category for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch as well as for Android phones and tablets.

In each round of Farkle Solo HD – Free, players roll all six dice in an effort to earn points with rolls of 1’s, 5’s, 3 of a kind, 3 pairs, or a 6 dice straight. Players pull scoring dice out of play and either pass and bank points or roll the remaining dice to earn additional points. If none of the dice rolled earn points, players get a “Farkle” and lose all unbanked points. Three “Farkles” in a row cause players to lose 1000 points. Risking multiple rolls can help players score big.

Farkle Solo HD – Free allows game setting customization enabling players to turn on and off or adjust points earned for: 4, 5 or 6 of a kind, The Break In Score – or Minimum Score accepted, Three Pairs Score, Triple Farkle, and more. A comprehensive Game Stats board allows gamers to easily access their own scores and share scores with others on Facebook, twitter, or email, via the “Brag” feature. Compete against others and compare scores via Game Center’s Leaderboard. Farkle Solo HD – Free uses 100% dice randomization to prevent cheating. Each roll uses a robust randomization engineer-created algorithm.

The Old West theme of Farkle Solo HD – Free, takes place in the High Roller Saloon and features rich graphics, smooth animation and fun music and sound effects that immerse the player in a world of high stakes dice in an old western town. The customization features and ease of game play make this the perfect game to play anytime. Players must employ risk taking and strategy to score big in Farkle Solo HD – Free. The game is featured among other dice and word strategy games offered by Smart Box Design. Farkle Solo HD – Free is perfect for that five-minute break or long commute. It can be played in just a few minutes or in a marathon session to improve skills and strategy.

Feature Highlights:
* Fast-paced fun game
* Win points for creating winning combinations with 6 dice
* Free full-featured game
* An international favorite on iOS mobile devices
* Customizable rules put players in control
* Professionally drawn graphics
* High Roller Saloon theme has professionally drawn graphics, old west music, and fun sound effects
* New Player hints feature may be turned on or off
* Track skills and scores in Stats
* Compare best roll or best game to other players in Game Center’s Leaderboards
* Earn achievements on special high-scoring rolls

“Farkle Solo HD – Free is perfect for that five-minute break or long commute,” stated Smart Box Design President, Todd Sherman. “Come down to the High Roller Saloon and get ready to test your skill. To be a high roller, sometimes you have to take that extra chance and roll again. Are you ready to risk it all?”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 16.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Farkle Solo HD – Free 1.1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The game is also available for Android.

Smart Box Design
Farkle Solo HD – Free 1.1.1
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Bellingham, Washington – Smart Box Design today is proud to announce that their highly entertaining and chart-topping Farkle game app series has been downloaded over 1 million times. This milestone makes the Farkle series one of the most popular dice games available for iPhones and iPads and Android phones and tablets.

The Farkle series offers players an opportunity to challenge friends directly or compete worldwide on leaderboards. The series consists of Farkle Dice, a two or more player game, Farkle Solo, a single player version designed for players who love leaderboards, and Farkle Diced Halloween, a spooky version of Farkle Dice.

Farkle is an enormously popular game throughout the world. Players roll a set of six dice for points and can continue rolling the dice as long as their roll yield points. Any non-scoring roll is called a Farkle and the player forfeits their turn and any points accumulated during that turn. Like most games of chance and skill, Farkle’s attraction stems from players hoping to beat the odds and roll a high scoring combination.

Smart Box Design is known for the attention it places on both the playability and design of its games, and the Farkle series is no exception. There are very few dice games available for Apple iOS and Android with the quality and attention to detail that went into creating the Farkle series. It is beautifully designed with rich hues and entertaining music and sound effects. Each game in the series has an average 4.5 star rating in both the iTunes and Google Market.

“We are thrilled that players have discovered our games and have downloaded them over 1 million times,” said Todd Sherman, Smart Box Design’s president. “Our Farkle series provides phone and tablet users with a fantastic game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and very addictive!”

Farkle Dice, Farkle Solo, and Farkle Diced Hallowing are available for free. An ad-free option is being added to each game in 2012, starting with Farkle Solo.

Smart Box Design, based in Bellingham, Washington, was formed in 2003 by game industry veterans who share a common vision of creating exciting, high-quality, strategy and thinking games for mobile devices. Smart Box Design consults on mobile app development and creates apps for third parties in addition to producing their own games. Copyright (C) 2003-2012 Smart Box Design LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.