2,000,000 Plus Farkle Downloads!

Smart Box Games today is proud to announce that their highly entertaining Farkle game app series has been downloaded over 2 million times. This milestone makes the Farkle series one of the most popular dice games available for iPhones and Android phones and tablets.

The series consists of Farkle Dice, a two or more player game, Farkle Solo, a single player version designed for players who love leaderboards, and Farkle Diced Halloween, a spooky version of Farkle Dice.

“We are thrilled that players have discovered our games and have spread the word resulting in over 2 million downloads,” said Todd Sherman, president of Smart Box Games. “Our Farkle series provides phone and tablet users with games that are easy to learn and fun to play!”

Farkle is an enormously popular game throughout the world. Players roll a set of six dice for points and can continue rolling the dice as long as their roll yield points. Any non-scoring roll is called a Farkle and the player forfeits their turn and any points accumulated during that turn. Like most games of chance and skill, Farkle’s attraction stems from players hoping to beat the odds and roll a high scoring combination.

Smart Box Games is known for the attention they places on both the playability and design of its games, and the Farkle series is no exception. The art is beautifully drawn with rich hues and the music and sound effects are both thematic and entertaining. The series has an average 4.5 star rating in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. Farkle Dice, Farkle Solo, and Farkle Diced Halloween are available for free. Farkle Dice is available in 6 languages.

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