sbd_allthebest.pngSteve Jobs is currently on a medical leave of absecne from Apple, Inc. In a show of support a postcard campaign was started and we were asked to participate. Below is the card created by our artist Jim who converted our iPhone game title page. We know that post cards do not heal but reading them and reflecting does help make the time go by quicker. We wish Steve a speedy recover.

Sammy from Palm Addicts recently wrote “WordPop works great on my Treo Pro using Styletap”

WordPop works fine on my Treo Pro using Styletap. It is one of my favourite games. “WordPop! is easy to learn and thoroughly entertaining. Clear the board by creating words! As you pop each word from the board, there are fewer and fewer letters left. Plan ahead to win the round. Try to get the highest score possible.”

Nothing makes my day like getting a great review. Neal Martin at TreoCentral had some very nice things to say about WordPop. Such as, “I’ll be honest, I love this game! WordPop! isn’t a new game so to speak.. in fact, it’s been around for several years – what you might call a ‘classic’ in a video games sense. But, the replay value of the game makes it a keeper and a game I’m sure you’ll grow to love and play for years to come!” Check out the entire review here.

Created by our good friend Sammy from PalmAddicts.

Watch the video here:

I have a couple new screenshots to show you tonight. If anyone bothered to do the math with some of the pictures below, you would have discovered that there wasn’t enough room to hold ten high scores in the square resolution high score screen. So, rather than cheating those users, our talented artist, Jim, adjusted the Best Words and High Scores dialogs for the square resolutions so as to make them fit. The dialog buttons got a little smaller, but all the information is there!

Word Pop Best Words Square 2

Word Pop High Scores Square 2

Nicely done, Jim. And on with the bugs we go…