I recently downloaded Wordpop for my iPhone as I have played this game on my Palm device and thoroughly enjoyed the iPhone experience. After I downloaded from the App Store I immediately liked the user interface and thought I would share with you my thoughts and opinions on the game and give you an insight on how to play as well.Firstly you have to pick which setting you want to play the game at easy, medium or hard for first time players I suggest you choose the easy mode until you get used to how the game works. Also for first time players there is a how you can play button this is very useful and gives you full instructions how to play the game.

Once you have chosen your difficulty level for the game you enter into the main game board at the top of the screen you will see what round you are on and the total amount of points you have accumulated. Below this a rectangle box spells the word you have just created alongside with the point value, then at the side of this you will see a grey circle with a tick in the middle when you have spelt a word and the word is a proper word it will illuminate yellow.

Below you will see the quit button and an undo button which is explanatory. In the middle of the screen you will see the main grid which is full of cubes each with a letter and in the bottom right corner of each cube you will see a number this indicates how many points you will get for creating a word with this letter. Finally at the right hand side of the screen you will see three empty cubes these can be used as any letter to help you create more words when you are running out of needed letters.

The aim of the game is to spell as many words as you can out of the letters provided, when you have found a word you want, tap on the first letter or the word then tap on the next and so on till you have created the word. When you have spelt the word the tick should illuminate yellow and you should get an indication on how many points you have received. Select if the tick is yellow click on it and the word will disappear from the screen and your points will be added to your total.

Continue to create words from the grid to build your points up and if you get stuck don’t forget the spare cubes on the right hand side of the screen they become very helpful near the end of the round when you have used most of the letters. If you want to rearrange the letters just give the iPhone a slight shake and the cubes will mix up helping you to try and create more words.

To move on to the next round you have to use up every letter from the grid it may sound easy but it is realty Z which will earn you more points. So far I have managed to get to round four which I found difficult to get to the best thing about this game is your not against the clock so you are not rushing to try and create words before the game is up.

The screen is bright and the interface is great, and the letters are a good size making the game much easier to play. I really enjoyed playing this game and cant wait to get a free minute to play it again, I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing word games as you will have hours of fun!! It truly deserves a Palm Addict Reader Award of Excellence and is one of the best games that I have played on my Palm OS device and certainly makes a great addition to the iPhone / iPod Touch. Available for Palm OS / Windows Mobile & the iPhone / iPod Touch via http://www.smartboxdesign.com/wordpopiphone.html

DorieW – Longest Word

jade645 – Random Winner

BillD – Random Winner

nowshining – Random Winner


Thank you for all the great words. There were several words longer than the winner but they did not fall into the rules that the word cannot start with a capitalization, like my name Todd.

Winners of the contest can choose one of the following:

Palm OS
Word Watch
Word Monaco
Farkle Dice

Windows Mobile
Word Monaco
Farkle Dice


Following up on the post before this one.  Another friend of mine posted his high score. I met Murray through email as we both love word games. http://palmmac.typepad.com/palmmac/2009/04/wordpop-schoolboy-error.html

WordPop – schoolboy error

IMG_0005 Doh.

Spent two days building up this terrific WordPop score, as you can see from the photo, hit 71 rounds and 18 000 plus which would have been enough to get me in the Top 10 all time ranking and then when I finally had to call, it quits I wondered why my score wasn’t uploaded.

Transpires I had the iPhone in Airplane mode…..ooops.

All that effort for nowt.

Double Doh.

“Sick as a pig Barry”

I was reading twitter when one of the people posted his high score.  It is always so rewarding when you work hard on a new feature and then see it used.  http://stattos.blogspot.com/2009/04/wordpop-no1.html

 Congratulations to Statto for being number one.

WordPop No.1

I’ve just messed up a WordPop game. But my score of 52,567 on round 185 puts me No. 1 on the global all time scores on the iPhone! How about that? Never been No. 1 at anything before….

Dead chuffed.

I really messed up though, I was going steamingly well but paying half attention to WordPop and half to the Man Utd/Porto game on telly, and left myself with no

Sammy, the brilliant man behind Palm Addicts, asked me if I would like to have a fun contest on his site. I jumped at the chance. Palm Addicts is one of my favorites sites covering every day use of smartphones. I also follow Sammy on Twitter as his twits are often humorous, informative, and a great entertainment.  And without further ado, the contest.

 Todd Sherman form SmartboxDesign would like to offer PalmAddict readers a chance to win a title of their choice from his suite of great games. Whatever platform you use whether it’s Palm OS or an iPhone you have the opportunity to win a SmartboxDesign game. All you have to do is as per usual send me a userthought or mobile thought and let me know what game and platform you would like from the Smartboxdesign website. Email your thoughts please, with SMARTBOX in the subject line, remembering to tell me your game choice and platform – sammymcloughlin@gmail.com