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Space Waste 1.3 Released – Asteroid Blowing Up Time

Space Waste Blow Up Asteroids

Vaporizing Asteroids is now just a tap away in the new Space Waste release. We updated the app to run great on all new iPads, including the Pro and Mini. There’s a brand spanking shiny new help showing how to play and numerous fixes to make your garbage collecting and asteroid detonation experience better than ever. Let us know what you think by sending us an email or take the latest poll, built right into the app.

Space Waste Regular or Halloween Spheres


WordPop! for iOS Update Available Now

Remove ads in WordPop!

You Can Now Remove ads in WordPop!

What’s New in Version 3.1

– Make words 17 – 20 letters long, yes 20 letter words. Here they are:


– Deselect highlighted letters by tapping outside the grid
– Remove ads with an in-app purchase
– Incremental improvements and fixes to the code making sure WordPop! is the world’s best word game ever.

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